Advanced Usage of SAM

See also the SAMWEB WIKI

A description of metadata can be found at:

The dimension syntax groups simple predicates together to make more complicated queries as described at:

Basic clauses can be combined as described at:

New database instances require initial data before they will function. Each experiment will need to add more data to the base data described at:

Using SAM to Install a CDF Station from Scratch instructions cover installing GRID software, creating a user account (usually called sam), installing SAM ups products and configuring SAM.


  1. Sam and art Integration at:
  2. SAM web cookbook at:
  3. Basic SAM Functions at:
  4. SAMweb Interface Definitions at:
  5. Installing CDF Station from Scratch at:
  6. Initial Database Content at:
  7. Metadata Description at:
  8. Dimension syntax description at:
  9. Combining dimension syntax clauses at: