What is SAM?

Sequential Access via Metadata (SAM) is a data handling system organized as a set of servers which work together to store and retrieve files and associated metadata, including a complete record of the processing which has used the files. SAM keeps track of the locations of files on tape and disk. It handles the file meta-data so that the user does not need to know the file name to find data of interest. It delivers files without users having to know where they come from. It does bookkeeping, it keeps track of datasets created and files processed. All of the data is kept in a database

User Guide for SAM

Basic information on using the samweb interface. If new to computing at Fermilab, please examine: FIFE --Welcome New Computing Users

Advanced Usage of SAM

Information for administrators, or people who wish to do more complicated commands.

SAM Internals

Topics of interest mainly to the people developing SAM.

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