Deployed under

Startup is done out of crontab, which looks like:

bash-3.2$ crontab -l
@reboot    . /home/sam/products/etc/; for i in nova minerva; do ups start sam_web -q $i; done > /tmp/startup.log 2>&1
@reboot    . /home/sam/products/etc/; for i in nova_dev minerva_dev; do ups start sam_web -d -q $i; done > /tmp/startup.log 2>&1

So you can start and stop the various instances via "ups start/stop sam_web -q whatever"

Updating the deployed version

Currently the production version is running from a tagged git checkout. To release a new version, push a tag into the git repository. Then log into the sam account on and do

cd /home/sam/products/prd/sam_web/v1_1/NULL/python/samweb/
setup git
git fetch
git checkout <tag>

The dev version is at /home/sam/products/prd/sam_web/devel/NULL/ . This normally runs the head of the master branch rather than a specific version, so can be updated with git pull.

For minor changes cherrypy should notice the change and restart itself. If significant changes have been made this may fail, in which case all the instances must be restarted manually.


Each instance has a separate configuration file in $SAM_WEB_DIR/whatever.conf