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Robert Illingworth, 09/10/2017 10:50 PM

1 1 Robert Illingworth
h1. Changes in version 2.8
2 1 Robert Illingworth
3 1 Robert Illingworth
Version 2.8 slightly changes the behaviour of snapshots. Most users will not be affected by this.
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5 1 Robert Illingworth
* It is now possible to create a snapshot containing no files. Only the explicit take-snapshot command does this; trying to start a project with a definition that has no files will not create a snapshot.
6 1 Robert Illingworth
* Starting a project with a definition name will not create a new snapshot if the definition has been evaluated within the last hour. To force an up-to-date snapshot use the @take-snapshot@ command immediately before starting the project.
7 1 Robert Illingworth
* The @take-snapshot@ command in client version 2.2 now has @--no-empty@ and @--max-age=<seconds>@ options. The former causes it to fail if the snapshot would be empty (the old behaviour). The latter will only evaluate the definition if there is an existing snapshot that is older than the given time.
8 1 Robert Illingworth
* The @dataset_def_name@, @dataset_def_id@, and @dataset_def_name_newest_snapshot dimensions@ will now fail if there are no matching snapshots rather than returning no results, (The current implementation doesn't distinguish between the definition-doesn't-exist and definition-exists-but-has-no-snapshots cases; both fail with the same error message.