Setting up Oracle Data Modeler to access subversion

These instructions are for the Mac. Linux is probably similar. I have no idea how to get it using Kerberized SSH on Windows.

Unfortunately by default Data Modeler uses some Java SSH implementation that doesn't support Kerberos. You have to add a different svn tunnel method to persuade it to use the system ssh executable. To do this, you need to edit the svn config file used by data developer; on my Mac it was at /Users/illingwo/.oraclesqldeveloperdatamodeler/system3.3.0.747/o.jdeveloper.subversion.

In the [tunnels] section, add a line duplicating the existing ssh entry, only with a different name, like

kssh = $SVN_SSH ssh -q -o ControlMaster=no

Now, in Data Modeler, you can add the subversion URL as svn+kssh:// and it should work.

If you want to access the repository using normal svn commands you will also have to add kssh to the ~/.subversion/config file so they understand the URL.