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Adam Lyon, 07/18/2013 10:43 AM

1 1 Robert Illingworth
h1. Experiment deployment status
2 1 Robert Illingworth
3 1 Robert Illingworth
h2. Minerva
4 1 Robert Illingworth
5 4 Adam Lyon
Status: They are cataloging data files with the legacy SAM system. They are not using SAM yet for production. They have done production tests with SAMWeb for file retrieval. They have an FTS deployed and it works. They have cache space on the old D0 servers, like NOvA. They are not waiting for new SAMWeb features for the users. Framework integration (wrapper scripts around Gaudi) work and have been tested.
6 1 Robert Illingworth
7 4 Adam Lyon
Current tasks: Rick Snider is sorting out the metadata schema for MC. We're waiting for Rick and Sheryl (grad student) who is converting their production scripts to use SAMWeb.
8 1 Robert Illingworth
9 5 Adam Lyon
Near Future: Assess production readiness by August 1 and offer help to Sheryl. We need to update the DB schema to support Subruns (dependent on SAMWeb being used in production - requires a DB downtime. Shooting for September - they can run with a hack for the time being). 
10 4 Adam Lyon
11 5 Adam Lyon
Milestones: Minerva is using SAMWeb for production and MC jobs by 9/30
12 1 Robert Illingworth
13 1 Robert Illingworth
h2. Nova
14 1 Robert Illingworth
15 5 Adam Lyon
Status: FTS for online and offline is running and is up to date, and actively cataloging via SAMWeb. ART/SAM integration is complete with the latest ART version. Declaring FHICL files to SAM for MC production. Meta-data extraction from Art files complete (both within the ART framework and outside of the ART environment). Have run sample production scripts using SAMWeb and ART/SAM interface for file retrieval (but not automated end-to-end). Needs to be tested with cache disk (and has not gone into official NOvA production). Currently running off of hand generated file lists. They have cache space for file retrieval. 
16 1 Robert Illingworth
17 5 Adam Lyon
Current tasks: NOvA to do automated end-to-end production tests. 
18 1 Robert Illingworth
19 5 Adam Lyon
Near Future: SAM team needs to update the dataset editors (NOvA needs to open a ticket). Subrun DB update in August (needs DB downtime).
20 3 Robert Illingworth
21 5 Adam Lyon
Milestones: NOvA automated end-to-end production tests by 7/31. NOvA in production with SAM and Art. 
22 5 Adam Lyon
23 1 Robert Illingworth
h2. uBoone
24 1 Robert Illingworth
25 5 Adam Lyon
Status: They have an just recently FTS completed and deployed. They have put files into Enstore with it. They do not have cache space, so have not retrieved files yet. They have their meta-data worked out, but not pulling it out of Art yet (they can use the NOvA tools). They use Art and so get Art/SAM integration for free. 
26 3 Robert Illingworth
27 5 Adam Lyon
Current tasks: Unaware of experiment actions. We need to nudge them and make them aware of NOvA milestones - need a meeting with Herb and Steve.
28 1 Robert Illingworth
29 5 Adam Lyon
Near Future: Nudge them to SAMWeb for MC. Get them cache. Subrun DB update in August
30 1 Robert Illingworth
31 5 Adam Lyon
Milestones: Not being pushed by experiment. We need to create some urgency.
32 5 Adam Lyon
33 1 Robert Illingworth
h2. DS-50
34 1 Robert Illingworth
35 5 Adam Lyon
Status: Have a SAM instance and have outlined a metadata plan. They use Art and so get Art/SAM integration for free. 
36 3 Robert Illingworth
37 5 Adam Lyon
Current tasks: Ken and Mike D are deploying FTS. 
38 3 Robert Illingworth
39 5 Adam Lyon
Near Future: 
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41 1 Robert Illingworth
h2. g-2
42 1 Robert Illingworth
43 1 Robert Illingworth
Waiting on metadata (Adam) - Fall
44 2 Robert Illingworth
45 3 Robert Illingworth
Subruns: modifying DB schema requires downtime, but no users; so could do at any time (Steve W)
46 1 Robert Illingworth
47 1 Robert Illingworth
h2. Minos+
48 1 Robert Illingworth
49 3 Robert Illingworth
Convert to SAMWeb (experiment responsibility/Art)
50 1 Robert Illingworth
51 3 Robert Illingworth
Subruns: modifying DB schema requires downtime - August? (Steve W)
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53 1 Robert Illingworth
h2. Mu2e
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55 1 Robert Illingworth
No interest yet
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h2. LBNE
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No interest yet