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h1. Experiment deployment status

h2. Minerva

Status: They are cataloging data files with the legacy FTS deployment (Rick)
Update existing prd scripts to samweb (experiment responsibility)

SAM system. They are not using SAM yet for production. They have framework integration (Gaudi or wrapper script) mostly done production tests - need meeting with SAMWeb for file retrieval. They have an FTS deployed and it works. They have cache space on the old D0 servers, like NOvA. They are not waiting for new SAMWeb features for the users. Framework integration (wrapper scripts around Gaudi) work and have been tested.

Current tasks:
Rick Snider is sorting out the metadata schema
for MC. We're waiting for Rick and Sheryl (grad student) who is converting their production scripts to use SAMWeb. MC (Marc/Rick)

Future: Assess production readiness by August 1 and offer help to Sheryl. We Subruns: need experiment to update the DB schema to support Subruns (dependent on SAMWeb being used in production - requires a DB downtime. Shooting for September - they can run with a hack for the time being).

Milestone: Minerva is using SAMWeb for production and MC jobs by 9/30
samweb first.

h2. Nova

ART/SAM file input integration
test with latest ART (Marc)
declare MC FCL files to SAM (experiment)

ART/SAM Metadata integration (Marc)

Subruns: need to upgrade FTS to new version - done.
modifying DB schema requires downtime - August? (Steve W)

h2. uBoone

Metadata - proposal by Herb Greenlee is done
FTS deployment (Mike D)
ART/SAM file input integration (Marc)

ART/SAM Metadata integration (Marc/Herb)

Subruns: modifying DB schema requires downtime - August? (Steve W)

h2. DS-50

FTS deployment
underway (Ken H)

Subruns: modifying DB schema requires downtime - August? (Steve W)

h2. g-2

Waiting on metadata (Adam) - Fall

Subruns: modifying DB schema requires downtime, but no users; so could do at any time (Steve W)

h2. Minos+

Convert to SAMWeb (experiment responsibility/Art)

Subruns: modifying DB schema requires downtime - August? (Steve W)

h2. Mu2e

No interest yet

h2. LBNE

No interest yet