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Version 1 (Robert Illingworth, 05/03/2013 04:22 PM) → Version 2/7 (Robert Illingworth, 05/17/2013 04:04 PM)

h1. Experiment deployment status

h2. Minerva

FTS deployment.
Waiting on enstore file aggregation config, then deployment (Rick/Robert)
Update existing prd scripts to samweb (experiment responsibility)

SAM framework integration (Gaudi or wrapper script) mostly done - need meeting with Rick
Configure for MC (Marc/Rick)

Subruns: need experiment to update to samweb first.

h2. Nova

ART/SAM file input integration
test with latest ART (Marc)
declare MC FCL files to SAM (experiment)

ART/SAM Metadata integration (Marc)

Subruns: need to upgrade FTS to new version first.

h2. uBoone

Metadata - proposal by Herb Greenlee is done
FTS deployment (REX Mike) (REX)
ART/SAM file input integration (Marc)

ART/SAM Metadata integration (Marc/Herb)

h2. DS-50

FTS deployment
Waiting on metadata, evaluate upload node or dCache upload pool (will discuss Tuesday 7 May)

Data transfer rates (Ken?)

h2. g-2

Waiting on metadata (Adam) - Fall

h2. Minos+

Convert to SAMWeb (experiment responsibility)

h2. Mu2e

No interest yet

h2. LBNE

No interest yet