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Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
10/08/2014 Dennis Box Design Feature #7134: Add support for alternate bluearc mounts want this proposal reviewed before accepting assignment 0.25
11/12/2015 Lynn Garren Implementation Support #9360: OSX build of ifdhc 4.00
10/19/2015 Lynn Garren Implementation Bug #10585: buld ifdhc and associated products as needed by NOvA 2.00
10/11/2013 Marc Mengel Testing Bug #4788: ifdh cp eats failure code from unerlying copy commands test case added 0.50
09/30/2013 Marc Mengel Testing Bug #4637: ignore/unset IFDH_STAGE_VIA if srmping of stage location doesn't work More tests are a good thing. 1.00
09/27/2013 Marc Mengel Testing Bug #4713: fetchInput needs to give some sort of error filename on failure(?). Test case for failed fetchInput passes 0.10
09/27/2013 Marc Mengel Testing Feature #4699: Fix up Staging and copyback Massive GRID job testing with Nova 40.00
09/19/2013 Marc Mengel Testing Feature #4631: Staging and copyback Lots of testing & tweaking of copyback and art_sam_wrap script 36.00
09/01/2015 Lynn Garren Deployment Bug #9995: IFCatalogInterface crashing with output template 1.00
12/01/2014 Andrei Gaponenko Deployment Feature #6514: a command to rename directories ping 999.00
10/17/2011 Marc Mengel Deployment Feature #1999: Cache slot lookup Put tarfile up on redmine 0.25
03/02/2016 Arthur Kreymer Administration Support #11861: RITM0354891 work oops 0.10
08/15/2013 Marc Mengel Administration Feature #3790: cp -f listfile too sensitive to white space 0.10
12/11/2014 Marc Mengel Development Feature #6514: a command to rename directories fun with rename 1.00
12/01/2014 Marc Mengel Development Feature #7041: should become protocol independant coding on copyback 2.00
09/16/2014 Marc Mengel Development Feature #7021: Evil feature -- match blah-clued0:/some/path and use rsync... 0.50
09/15/2014 Marc Mengel Development Feature #7007: Option to not copy zero-length files. 1.00
01/27/2014 Marc Mengel Development Bug #5196: /pnfs translation wrong for /cdfen, /d0en Assorted fixes... 4.00
01/27/2014 Marc Mengel Development Bug #5195: ifdh ls /pnfs/whatever 1 --force=gridftp fails test cases & bug fixes 2.00
01/10/2014 Marc Mengel Development Feature #4903: request for ifdhc to have ability to change the timeout for enstore/sam operations 2.00
01/10/2014 Marc Mengel Development Feature #5003: host-conditional IFDH_STAGE_VIA 1.00
01/10/2014 Marc Mengel Development Feature #5021: Only use CPN locks if transferring to/from bluearc 2.00
01/10/2014 Marc Mengel Development Bug #5187: Filenames with plus signs, etc. don't work with SAM client routines Built and tested code patch for this 2.00
11/04/2013 Marc Mengel Development Feature #4902: ifdh SAMweb client code using depricated API calls 1.00
11/04/2013 Marc Mengel Development Bug #4901: getMetadata eats newlines in metadata dump 1.00
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