The Remote Operations Centers

Location: West Side of Wilson Hall Atrium, Fermilab.


ROC West Rules

1. Public Space
2. Keep Room Clean
3. NuMI Beam Spill BEEP must remain audible at all times
4. Entry Doors must remain closed at all times to satisfy computer security rules.

Issues or problems

Harry Ferguson 630-747-3447

Experiment call list

Micro BooNE

Run coordinator

Run Coordinator

Slow Controls


Run Coordinator

Cal-On-Call 773-425-4773


Run Coordinator

The NOvA shifter can be contacted by other experiments using
+1 (331) 256-7972.
This is a call forwarding number so it should be valid for all shifters during our upcoming shifting period.

****denotes current Run Coordinator

Far Detector

Charles Cadeau 218-374-2400 x0

Remote control Room Numbers for NOvA

ROC-UNN 612-301-8306 Minnesota Twin Cities
ROC-WSU 316-978-5332 Witchita
ROC-HU 617-495-5226 Harvard
ROC-IUB 812-855-9732 University of Indiana



Carrie McGivern 785-312-0252
Vincent Fischer 331-250-2266


Run Coordinator
John Kuharik***
Adam Watts x5127 x3721 Cell 630-363-3146
Phil Schlabach x5037 630-846-0600
Jim Hylen x2122 331-229-7553

***Denotes current NUMI Run Coordinator

ShutDown Coordinator

Marty Murphy 630-750-8405

Main Control Room


NUMI Primary Beam Line Problems

Gordon Koizumi LR 708-346-4364 Home 630-879-2615

NUMI Underground Coordinator

Cindy Joe x3886 870-413-0083

NUMI Target Horn

Jim Hylen X2122

Neutrino Department ES&H

Angela Aparico 815-514-5073