Recycler BPMs

Last update: 2016/04/22, by Elliott.

The current status is as follows:

  • All RRBPM nodes are running from code kept in CVS and compiled with the RFIES tools
  • The version is "Test" on all nodes. This needs to change to "Production" ASAP.
  • We think that the CVS version and the GIT version, here, are identical.

The short-term plan is as follows:

  • Step 1: Recompile with no changes (where we are now)
  • Step 2: Recompile using the new code repository that John set up last year (there should be no changes)
  • Step 3: Move this version to “Production”
    • Currently, all the RR and MI BPMs are running on the “Test” version. This is only an administrative discipline, but it is a good one that we have not followed with these systems.
    • Get MI folks to fully test at this stage.
  • Step 4 (the goal of this little project): Start testing the BPM code against the newest MOOC and ACNET code base.

This plan also applies to the MIBPM software.

The three BPM projects, GBPM, MIBPM and RRBPM, should progress on this plan more-or-less simultaneously.