This area is to document the new and hopefully improved recocert framework for running
recocert jobs for D0. Notes on Tending the system and Installing it are under

The recocert framework has a few components:

  • a submission cron job, which runs on d0mino01, and wakes up periodically and submits recocert jobs
    for completed, uncertified, reconstruction runs. Outstanding jobs are tracked via SAM projects and jobs are
    given names Recocert_run-number_reco-version. This same cron job picks up any completed projects, and
    runs the checkLBN script over them to make sure they got through all the files, and those thus completed
    are put into a good_lbn directory for the copy_out job, below.
  • a copy_out cron job wakes up periodically on d0srv069, and copies out files from the jobs launched and checked by
    the submission cron job in to a durable location.
  • Both of these jobs update the status webpage.
  • a cgi script is available to let you modify the run list being analyzed, the D0runII version being setup, etc,
    callable by clicking on submit buttons on the status page.