Stakeholders and Charge

Stakeholders in the Reconstruction Group

  1. Experiments and projects that can benefit from our services
  2. Group members
  3. Line management


The Reconstruction Group has two mandates:

  1. to assist and augment the efforts of the stakeholder experiments/projects
  2. to explore new ideas and techniques that may be of value to the stakeholder experiments/projects

Background Information

The Reconstruction Group was formed in response to a recommendation from the Fermilab PAC in June 2015:

Fermilab may want to consider creating a forum for exchanging ideas for the aiding progress on LAr event reconstruction. The issue is not just providing a common software platform (this is clearly critical) but also facilitating a forum where scientists (especially young ones) can discuss common issues. Fermilab may want to encourage the major LAr collaborations to consider mechanisms for effective and efficient parallel development and transfer of knowledge.

In response to this, SCD formed the Reconstruction Group with a charge to address the recommendation of the PAC plus a broader charge to:

  1. Include all of the Intensity Frontier experiments, not just the LAr ones.
  2. Find and fitting, broadly construed: tracks, showers, vertices, event classification
  3. Visualization in support of the above
  4. Concurrency in support of the above
  5. Machine learning in support of the above
  6. Use of High Performance/High Throughput Computing (HPC/HTC) in support of the above
  7. Support cross-pollination among CMS and IF Experiments
  8. Access to software engineering advice