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Radiation Monitor Interface v4.0 Project Overview

05/20/2016 09:06 AM

This document is basically an overview of the Radiation Monitor Interface v.0 project. It outlines the available documentation. It also discusses hardware and software considerations.

Technical documentation

Final Report

08/09/2016 01:59 PM

Final Report

Radiation Monitor Interface v3.0 Schematic

05/19/2016 08:58 AM

This is the existing, original Radiation Monitor Interface v3.0 Schematic. The Radiation Monitor Interface v4.0 uses this card in combination with the Safety System LPC1114 MCU board (ED-377762). The v3.0 micro-controller is replaced with the LPC1114 board as a daughterboard....

Radiation Monitor Interface v4.0 Daughterboard Schematic

05/19/2016 09:09 AM

This is the schematic of the Radiation Monitor Interface v4.0 daughter board that is plugged into the PLCC84 socket left vacant on the v3.0 rad card upon removal of the original micro-controller. The daughter board serves multiple purposes for the AD/Interlock group. It is the core processing unit for the "aart13 upgrade" and the aart13 tester" as well as its use in the Radiation Monitor Interface v4.0. In all instances its "personality" is defined by the presence or absence of four zero ohm resistors soldered on the daughter board....

NXP LPC1114 Micro-controller Data Sheet

05/19/2016 10:02 AM

The datasheet for the NXP ARM M0 LPC1114 micro controller used on the daughterboard. Contains the specs for the micro-controller.

NXP LPC1114 Micro-controller User manual

05/19/2016 10:05 AM

Micro-controller user manual. Includes descriptions and implementations of the sub-systems provided by the LPC1114 controller. Of crucial interest are the register assignments and configurations. Good interesting reading. Some of the crucial items are highlighted in this personalized copy of the User Manual....

Micro-controller Pin Assignments

05/19/2016 10:55 AM

This is an Excel documents that maps/describes the pin assignments of the daughter board to the PLCC84 socket on the v3.0 interface. It also relates each pin to the I/O port of the micro-controller on the daughter board. There is a description field, a subsystem field on the micro-controller section. It also gives a function for the pin when the daughterboard is used as an aart13 or as a rad13(Radiation Monitor Interface v4.0). The lower half describes the assignments of each of the port expanders and their purpose and address....

Reference documentation

Radiation Monitor Interface v4.0 Software Requirements

05/19/2016 07:24 AM

This document puts forth the actual software requirements to which the software is to be designed. The requirements detailed in the document must be adhered to in future revisions. The document itself will be modified or have addenda in those cases. Note: The requirements are specifically identified and that identification can be used to reference a requirement in the Radiation Monitor Interface Test Cases Document. ...

Radiation Monitor Interface v4.0 Test Cases

05/19/2016 07:39 AM

This document is the reference for all test cases used to verify completion of the requirements set forth in the Radiation Monitor Interface v4.0 Software Requirements. It will be used in the future to verify all current requirements should the code need any modification. This is the reference document. This document will be used to perform the test cases when the software moves to final release upon completion of the Radiation Monitor Interface v4.0 Software Review. Note: This version has been modified to accurately reflect any changes deemed necessary in the actual completion of the test cases on the bench. The actual verification, of the test cases with proper signatures and documentations is provided as a separate document....

RadCalcs for V4.0

05/19/2016 10:07 AM

This is a document of useful rad calculations. It provides guidance in determining, verifying and measuring all things related to the pulses received from various radiological devices. There is information on how periods are measured by the micro-controller, etc....

Radiation Monitor Interface v4.0 Test Case 5-4-2016 GRoss

05/19/2016 07:51 AM

This document is a record of the actual performance of the verification of all Radiation Monitor Interface v4.0 Software Requirements as performed by Gary Ross on 4-May-2016. It contains all notes, changes and comments from Gary, the tester, and the developer, Greg Giese with explanations, where necessary. Any changes required to accurately verify the software requirements, were made in the Radiation Monitor Interface v4.0 Software Requirements document. Note: Upon completion of the Radiation Monitor Interface Software Review, the test cases will be performed on the Production release of the software. The Production release will incorporate changes resulting from the software review and the removal of debugging hooks used by the development environment....

Radiation Monitor Interface v4.0 Project Documentation Sheet

05/24/2016 08:11 AM

This is an Interlock Group documentation sheet used to list all the documents and their location.

Technical Review

Radiation Monitor Interface v4.0 Project Kickoff PP

05/24/2016 08:07 AM

PowerPoint of the kickoff meeting. gg

Meeting #3 Slides

06/14/2016 08:52 AM

Flow Chart Roadmap Power Point

05/19/2016 01:42 PM

This is a PowerPoint document that allows the user to view the SuperLoop graphically and move through selected slides that illustrate the specific code in a flow chart view. The number ALSO references a point in the actual source denoted as "<n>" in the comment associated with that code. This allows an easy cross-reference from either vantage point, chart or code. Note: Some of the slides are quite large (#10) and a bit difficult to read. If one needs a better view, simply leave the slide show and dubl-clik on the slide and the actual .pdf will open....