QSS Solver: first time how-to

This page summarizes how to get the QSS solver up and running.


  • First, download the source code here.
  • Make sure you have the following dependencies installed in your system (in a Debian/Ubuntu-like environment, you can use apt-get to retrieve them):
    • libconfig-dev
    • gfortran
    • libqt4-dev
    • bison++
    • libgsl0-dev
    • libscotch-dev
    • libmetis-dev
    • libginac-dev
    • libsbml5-dev (if you are using Ubuntu, you can download the binaries here as the package is no longer on its repositories)
    • libpatoh (download it here and copy the library file to src/libs/)
    • gnuplot-x11 (this is needed in order to generate plots to visualize simulation results)
  • Once this is done, change to the src directory and run make.


  • After building, you should copy the following files to the bin directory:
    • deploy/linux/qss-solver.ini
    • deploy/linux/scripts/*
  • Also, run the bash script bin/
    • This script sets permanent environment variables that are required by the QSS solver and other tools such as the comparison tool (see here for further information).