Meeting March 22 2015

Here a short summary of today meeting with Lucio.

1. access to the repository
for the time being, use the private-key, but will try to switch to use kerberos when the port is open.
Lucio successfully pushed his updates (I/O related) to the repository and also added an item in wike page

2. new items on the wiki page
- Stepper accuracy: parameters involved (by Lucio)
- Geant4 Particle Transportation (by Soon)

3. Items that we lightly touched but should be discussed in depth at the next meeting(s).
- how do we compare computing performance of QSS/Geant4 with a pair-basis?
(i.e., deltaQ in QSS vs. deltaStep in Geant4 or the error size?)
- performance profiler (to understand performance of CPU and memory or to optimize codes later)
- we may try one more benchmarking example with little more complicated geometry
and a non-constant magnetic field (but still a simple polynomial)
- once we understand the basic performance, then should try QSS on a realistic experimental setup
(typical HEP detector and magenetic field map)
- how to integrate the QSS solver into the Geant4 framework ?
- how to validate physics results and stability
- how to vectorize/parallelize QSS or make it coprocessors (GPU/MIC) friendly
- and etc.

4. We will try to meeting in a week at the same time if there is no conflict.

5. Results provided by Nico