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Nicolas Ponieman, 09/21/2015 06:17 PM

Meeting 2015 09 25

Generic settings

/N02/det/trackMaxSteps 1000000000
/N02/det/trackMaxLen 10 km
/gun/energy 10.9181415106 MeV
/N02/prec/setDeltaOne 1.0e-2 mm
/N02/prec/setDeltaInt 1.0e-5 mm
/N02/prec/setEpsilonMin 1.0e-3
/N02/prec/setEpsilonMax 1.0e-3
/N02/det/stepMax 20. mm

  • All measured times correspond to executions which don't produce output at all (or produce a minimum logging).
  • MSE is the Mean Squared Error of the position
  • MSE = 1/N * sum_{i=1}^{N} (G4x_i - ANx_i)^2 + (G4y_i - ANy_i)^2
  • N = Number of output points
  • r_Error = sqrt(MSE)
  • max(X_Error) is the maximum of all the absolute errors in x, i.e. max(abs(G4x_i - ANx_i))

Experiment 4 - Vary DeltaChord in G4

1 km 100 m 10 m 1 m 100 mm
Delta Chord [mm] Simulation Time RHS evaluation steps r_Error [mm] Max(X_Error) [mm] r_Error [mm] Max(X_Error) [mm] r_Error [mm] Max(X_Error) [mm] r_Error [mm] Max(X_Error) [mm] r_Error [mm] Max(X_Error) [mm] Output Steps Output steps / RHS steps ratio
0.01 3.9s 6.60e6 1.74E+00 3.13E+00 1.74E-01 3.09E-01 1.74E-02 2.98E-02 1.74E-03 2.80E-03 1.30E-04 2.40E-04 50001 7.58e-3
0.05 2.3s 3.30e6 1.74E+00 3.13E+00 1.74E-01 3.09E-01 1.74E-02 2.97E-02 1.74E-03 2.79E-03 1.30E-04 2.40E-04 50001 1.51e-2
0.25 1.5s 1.65e6 1.73E+00 3.12E+00 1.73E-01 3.07E-01 1.73E-02 2.96E-02 1.72E-03 2.78E-03 1.26E-04 2.30E-04 50001 3.03e-2
0.5 1.3s 1.10e6 1.70E+00 3.06E+00 1.70E-01 3.02E-01 1.70E-02 2.91E-02 1.68E-03 2.73E-03 1.14E-04 2.10E-04 50001 4.55e-2
1.0 1.3s 1.10e6 1.60E+00 2.88E+00 1.60E-01 2.84E-01 1.59E-02 2.73E-02 1.52E-03 2.55E-03 5.27E-05 7.00E-05 50001 4.55e-2

There is a clear tendence for the error to become smaller as deltaChord is increased.
A few plots of the error for different values of deltaChord: