Meeting 2015 06 12

(Attending: Rodrigo, Lucio, Nico, Soon, Krzysztof)

Krzysztof described recent code changes he made regarding changing the
parameters of the FieldManager and ChordFinder.
A change of the output was seen when changing the following two parameters sets from one to the other:

DeltaOneStep: 1e-05 DeltaIntersection: 1e-06 epsMin 1e-05 epsMax 0.001 minStep 0.01 deltaChord 0.25
DeltaOneStep: 1e-05 DeltaIntersection: 1e-05 epsMin 1e-05 epsMax 0.001 minStep 0.01 deltaChord 0.25

Here is a Geant4 tutorial from 2010 which may be useful:
esp. the talk on Electromagnetic Fields.
also see:

We discussed the fact that we predominantly deal with the static (not changing over time)
magnetic fields as well as the fact that the box in the example was introduced to force a step at x=~0

Action items:

.) Find out more about the propagation parameters and study them
.) Study the effect of removing the box from the particle trajectory in the example N02to
.) Keep working on comparing powerDEVS and Geant4 results