GQLink: August/September 2016 tentative schedule

Week Goals Status
Aug 1 - Aug 5 * Implement GQLink interface to retrieve magnetic field from Geant4.
Aug 8 - Aug 12 * Evaluate magnetic field interface using radial field example.
* Define new example (helicoidal movement) and prepare GQLink for a different setting.
Aug 15 - Aug 19 * Implement final changes in GQLink needed to run the CMS experiment:
## Provide new QSS simulators for each Geant4 track.
## Pass parameters and initial conditions from Geant4 to QSS simulators.
## Implement state events (i.e., changes of momentum/energy after each step).
90% Done
Aug 22 - Aug 26 * Finish pending goals from last week:
## Spend a few more hours checking the unusual errors using GQLink with nonzero crossing planes in the new settings.
## Modify bisection algorithm stop conditions.
## Generalize magnetic field interface to return vectors due to limitations in QSS engine.
* Run N02 example with realistic physical interactions. Analyze GQLink performance in this enviornment.
* Run and debug CMS experiment in GQLink.
* Ensure CMS is running by the end of the week.
Aug 29 - Sep 2 * Perform data validation:
## First scenario: N02 + full physics using muons (~10^3 events). Need to change stepping actions.
## Second scenario: full geometry CMS + particle gun (~10^3 events).
## Third scenario: full geometry CMS + physics events.
* Evaluate GQLink performance and seek for optimizations.
Sep 5 - Sep 9 * Preparation of material for internal GQLink presentation (warm-up for G4 collaboration).