N02: first time how-to

This page briefly summarizes how to run the N02 example and modify its parameters.

1. Environment

  • The first step is to log into sandbox, our virtual machine. If you do not have an account, please contact @lsanti.
  • Once you are logged in, you will be able to run the example or browse its source code in the following directories:
    • /home/shared/qss
      • Contains the N02 example source along with several macro files that can be used to configure simulation parameters.
    • /home/shared/builds/N02
      • Contains compiled binaries ready to be run.
      • In particular, the example can be run in two different ways: using the standard G4 output or using a custom, normalized output that redirects step information to the file output.txt. The former is achieved through the exampleN02 binary, whereas the latter can be done using the exampleN02-output binary.

1.1. Remote desktop access

  • You can access sandbox using a graphical interface as well. In order to do this, you have to install an x2go client.
  • Once you have your client up and running, connect to sandbox and make sure that the session type is set to XFCE.

2. Running N02

  • Some macro files (i.e., those with extension .mac) are readily available in the build directory. These files list different commands that control several G4 parameters (you can refer to this document for a detailed explanation of commands).
  • When you run the example, you can provide a macro file to guide its execution like so:
    $ ./exampleN02 run1.mac
  • In particular, we are interested in accuracy parameters. Please refer to this wiki page in order to find out how to manipulate every accuracy parameter using commands. Also, you can check this page for more information about these parameters.

2.1. Compilation

  • If eventually you need to recompile the source code, there is a Makefile containing essentially two targets, one for each of the aforementioned binaries:
    • exampleN02: compiles in a standard way, without using our custom output session. It is the default Makefile target.
    • exampleN02-output: you have to use this target explicitly if you need to use the custom output session that writes step information to a file.