Access to the project for an off-site user

cloning the repository

Make sure you have Kerberos credentials.

git clone ssh:// [<local-top-level-name>]

This will put a copy of the qss repository in your local area, with the top-level directory named <local-top-level-name>, or qss if not otherwise specified.

read only

  • access the repository through http if the project is public
    git clone
    which allows to commit things to the local git repository, but cannot push any update to the remote

write privilege

  • get a service account at Fermilab
  • add the user as one of developers of the private project
  • add a public-key file of a developer to the project .ssh/authorized_keys as the manager of the project
    cd .ssh
    echo 'environment="REMOTEUSER=<user's-principal>" <pasted-public-key>' >> authorized_keys