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Useful references

DAQ and Computing Specific

Design of the Data Management System for the protoDUNE Experiment, DUNE DocDB 1212, <<< Baseline design

Brett's Data Scenarios Spreadsheet, DUNE DocDB 1086,

Brett's and Maxim's slides on Online/Offline buffer, from 7/11/2016 DAQ meeting (later revised):

protoDUNE, DUNE resource needs; Oli, Tom, Stu estimate:

protoDUNE Computing Items, Brett & Maxim, DUNE DocDB 1287, <<< Good overall picture

DUNE Computing Model, DUNE DocDB 914,

CERN Neutrino Cluster,

CENF Storage,

EOS Home page,

protoDUNE General

protoDUNE schedule, DUNE DocDB 847,

ProtoDUNE-SP DAQ Overview Diagram, DUNE DocDB 1463,

ProtoDUNE-SP TDR (see Ch. 5), (from

ProtoDUNE-SP Organization, DUNE DocDB 1258,


Related meetings

Minutes of 7/25/2016 DAQ meeting,

Maxim's slides on metadata in the 8/9/2016 DAQ working group meeting,


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