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08/10/2016 09:02 PM

A work in progress... Looking at potential sources of information that could be construed as "metadata" associated with data files, and where that information could eventually reside. In the language used within, a "metadata file" would be used as input to SAM....

protoDUNE Data Management project - SPPM slides

08/14/2016 03:09 PM

Slides presented to the Fermilab 8/11/2016 SPPM meeting to show progress on project to demonstrate FIFE tools for protoDUNE data management.

Rough figures of protoDUNE data flow from RCE to DAQ buffer

08/14/2016 03:10 PM

Several very rough slides showing "data flow view" and "network view" of data flow from the RCEs to the DAQ buffer, using node counts as indicated in protoDUNE TDR as of 8/14/2016. The number of 10Gb network ports required is large!

Technical documentation

protroDUNE data management test installation

08/01/2016 03:41 PM

Proposal for Data Management System testing

07/28/2016 09:11 AM

DAQ Data Delivery

09/06/2016 01:28 PM

The diagram illustrates using EventBuilder local disk as a data buffer during 2-step data/metadata delivery to the DAQ cluster

xrootd installation

09/01/2016 11:28 AM

This script installs xrootd

Installation details

12/08/2016 01:58 PM

A document to capture all of the details involved in setting up the data management system for protoDUNE, primarily the FTS systems and surrounding interfaces.

This is a work in progress...

FTS Light May 2017 Collaboration meeting presentation

05/16/2017 03:31 PM