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h1. Configurations Templates

Example of Workflows for LArSoft based experiments and relative configuration templates (.cfg and .ini files).

h2. Workflow A


- 1 stage

- 1 fcl file provided in the /exp/app/ area (or in dCache)

- 1 SAM input dataset

- User tarball (provided in the resilient area - work is in progress to publish it in CVMFS)

- 10 files/job

- ALL events in the SAM input dataset processed

- 2 outputs: artroot file and histroot file

- Files declaration

- E-mail summary generation

Configuration files template (attachment:TemplateA.cfg and attachment:TemplateA.ini) for Workflow A.

- Users can download them and appropriately edit terms in <> brackets.
Configuration file names need to be renamed in the form of <user>_<campaign_name>.
Refer to "POMS User Documentation": for detailed instruction regarding POMS. Documentation":

h2. Workflow B


- Same workflow as in A but with the added autorelease option.

Configuration files template (attachment:TemplateB.cfg and attachment:TemplateB.ini) for Workflow B.