Professor-based Parameter Variation

Installing Professor

Initial Toy Tests

Generating MC Sets for First Bertini Study

For the initial Bertini model studies we've chosen to use the data from the HARP and ITEP-771 experiments. These are experiments where protons and charged pions of various energies impinge on thin targets of various materials and the rate of production of protons, neutrons, and charged pions of various energies are measured for different angular ranges.

In all Dossier currently holds 1898 histograms for HARP, and 543 for ITEP-771 (spread across several INSPIRE references).

These are distributed across 137 unique "experimental setups", which I've defined as a unique probe particle, probe energy and target material. The two experiments share 10 cases of the same experimental setup.

This collection of data histograms represent the potential data input to professor for which we want to generate simulations for each of the "universes" (chosen set of G4 model parameters). For these initial Bertini studies we'll be adjusting 4 model parameters:

# Parameter Name     Default Value
RadiusScale            2.82
XSecScale              1.0
FermiScale             0.685
TrailingRadius         0.0

Reformatting to Professor Segmentation

Running Professor

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