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Anna Mazzacane, 06/07/2017 12:40 PM


The Production Operations Management Service (POMS) is a project to design a service which will assist the production teams and the analysis groups of the experiments in their scientific computational work.
POMS aims to provide a system that enables automated jobs submission on distributed resources according customers’ requests and subsequent monitoring and recovery of failed submissions, debugging and record keeping.
The ultimate goal is the most efficient utilization of all computing resources available to experiments, while providing a simple and transparent interface between users and the complexity of the grid.

The production instance of POMS is at


The scope of this system is to assist Production Teams and Analysis groups of the experiments in managing and monitoring requests for production computing, from initial request submission, approval as appropriate, assignment to operations staff, division into smaller work units, job submission, montitoring job and output file progress, and post-mortem triage of jobs that fail.

Non-production jobs from experiment users are explicitly excluded from the current scope, however future requests may come to expand this to cover non-production jobs.
Furthermore, this system should not duplicate the project tracking facilities in SAM, nor the service monitoring features
in FIFEMon and Gratia; rather this system should refer to data in those other systems, or possibly keep summarized data
from those systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Project Development Team & Mailing Lists

  • Anna Mazzacane
  • Andres Felipe Alba Hernandez
  • Marc Mengel
  • Steve White
  • Vladimir Podstavkov

Release Notes

Experiments Corner

Hello Productioners!


Developpers Corner

Technical Designs

Technical Meetings

We are currently having weekly technical meetings at 11:00AM. Agenda and room meeting info will be sent every week.
Meeting minutes are available here.

Webservice Architecture

Database Schema

POMS Re-factorization

Useful links

SAMLite or SAM for User Datasets

POMS Production




The current requirements document is in cd-docdb document 5562
this wiki also contains the outlined Requirements which we developed in preparation for the final document.


Team Meetings

Somewhat terse meetign minutes are available off of the MeetingMinutes page.

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