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h1. *What is POMS*

The Production Operations Management System (POMS) is a project to design a service which assists production teams and analysis groups of experiments in their MC production and DATA processing.
POMS provides a web service interface that enables automated jobs submission on distributed resources according customers’ requests and subsequent monitoring and recovery of failed submissions, debugging and record keeping.

The system is interfaced to "SAM":, the data handling system, to keep track of files and processing, the "ECL": to keep track of the production and processing operations and "FIFEmon": for monitoring.
The ultimate goal is the most efficient utilization of all computing resources available to experiments, while providing a simple and transparent interface between users and the complexity of the grid.

We are currently working with several Intensity Frontier experiments to help them manage and track their MC production and DATA processing.

h1. Project Team & Mailing Lists

* Anna Mazzacane (Project Leader)
* Yuyi Guo
* Marc Mengel
* Margherita Vittone
* Steve White
* Vladimir Podstavkov

Team's mailing list :

h1. [[User Guide for POMS]]

POMS run runs behind a web service interface that provides both interactive screens to users, and REST interfaces to scripts that interact with it. This means that experiments can use POMS through their web browser and configure and run their production code, or they can use the *@poms_client@* and *@poms_jobsub_wrapper@* tools to submit jobs through a command line and have POMS tracking, debugging and monitoring them.

The production instance of POMS is at

If new to computing at Fermilab, please read: FIFE Wiki page "Welcome New Computing Users":

Users' mailing list :

h1. [[POMS Internals]]

Topics for people developing POMS.

If you wish to be part of the team and/or contribute to develop new features for your experiment and/or have a great professional experience with skilled computing staff, please send an email to

h1. [[Frequently Asked Questions]]

If you don't find your question here, please send an e-mail to