Types of things

Lately some discussions have been leading to confusion about types of campaigns/stages/launches...

  • production vs analysis
  • test or regular
  • workflow stage type (generator, data transfer, processor)

I recommend we handle these in the following ways.

production vs analysis (vs calibration?)

We know this about campaign stages already (vo_role) , and this info is passed to Landscape (see the x509UserProxyFirstFQAN of a job for example in Kibana) all happily via the --role flag to jobsub_submit.
We could add %(vo_role)s to the list of expansions in the job launch commands to let the one we have pass through. We pass it through when doing jobsub_rm, etc. already.

Test or regular:

I think there are two things that can cause a job to be "test":

  • doing a Launch Campaign Stage Test Jobs Now in a campaign stage rather than a regular launch.
  • doing any launch anywhere in a campaign marked as a test campaign (which we need a new database field for)

we should then pass this to Landscape via a classad POMS4_TEST_SUBMISSION=1

workflow stage type

This is the goal of the now poorly named campaign_type field in the CampaignStage. We should rename it
to campaign_stage_type.