Testing poms client

The job_broker/poms_client subdirectory is arranged as a ups package (since that's how we distribute poms_client).

It has a "bin" subdirectory with command line client tools, and a lib directory with the library calls in back of them.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is:

  • set it up:
    • cd to your checked out copy
    • cd job_broker/poms_client
    • setup -. poms_client
  • run the commands in bin/ with --help and
    • see if you can figure out how to use them
  • create for a two-step workflow
    • job_types
    • launch_templates
    • campaign definitions
  • check them
    • examine in the gui
    • make sure they are set as requested
  • launch a job for the workflow in the GUI, make sure it runs
  • maybe fix up the launcher from the ../../cron directory and add it
  • use the above to launch jobs

For extra credit, write a python script that uses the library calls to perform the above sequence
(except the "examine in gui" bits)