• new release out
  • ticket for pomsgpvm01 -- make web logs readable by poms user so we can see them for debugging, etc.

Questions for OPOS

  • New version:
    • Have they tried the new version?
    • Can we put Minerva, etc. under POMS (i.e. add the wrapper script)
    • When should we turn on/test the new jobsub_wrapper that prints the task url so we can make sure it doesn't bother your scripts?
  • Job launching:
    • (I assume yes, but) do we need to run nova launch scripts as novapro, minerva as minervapro, etc.?
    • for things like Keepup, do you generate the sub-datasets for the jobs to launch (and therefor POMS should?) , or does the actual launch script from the Experiment do it?
    • For reconstruction requests, do you generate the sub-datsets for job launches, or does the experiment script do that?
    • do the above vary by experiment?