We'll start with a subset of the requirements.
- Jobs submitted in cron environment by OPOS group.
- Major services monitoring.

Technologies: Server on cherryPy and SQLalchemy.

We're offering web, CLI and scriptable interface. Do not make the solution to web centred.

Where will we do our initial deployment: cloud node?
(fife5 is about to being shut down)

GUI - Michael Gheith and Paola Buitrago

Stephen White: SQLalchemy DB design.

Other Notes

Web App Framework: CherryPy
ORM: SQLAlchemy
Test Environment: New OpenNebula4-based Fermicloud and not the old OpenNebula3-based Fermicloud. Install UPS on it, and add users to the .k5login. (Gheith)
Server: Apache (Gheith)
Marc will create a simple basic web scraper to see the state of the world; are things up or down?
Paola started initial sketches for the GUI.