Discussed #8010 Requirements gathering meetings

  • Agreed to have whole team come to requirements gathering mtgs
  • Picked initial experiment list
  • Discussed what we need to ask folks, updated in #8010
  • Will collect minutes from r.g. meetings, then combine into Requirements doc
  • Recommended folks try the Django tutorial
  • Marc will begin scheduling meetings for next week.

Other Notes

  • Need to gather requirements for job launching.
  • Requests need approval/disapproval. OPG (offline production group) has a form to streamline the request process.
  • System needs to keep track of what jobs were submitted and whether or not they succeeded.
  • What types of categories do these production jobs fall under?
  • Need to find the production people from the experiments, even the newer ones like g-2 and mu2e.
  • Exchange calendar?
  • OPG is only doing nova right now (keep up processing). Minos is in the works for them.
  • Talk to Kirby to find out who we should speak with on microboone.
  • System needs to make sure it doesn't submit too many jobs at once. The batch system has its own system to make things fair for users and experiments.
  • Jobs are currently prioritized by OPG.
  • If job fails, then you need to explore the condor logs.
  • A systems statuses would be good to have in a dashboard. Is SAM down, etc.
  • Product of the jobs are datasets.
  • Reprocessing happens sometimes. Need to make sure there is no overlapping.