This page lets you view the campaigns for the current experiment (set by the pulldown at the top right) and take
various actions on them.

You can sort them by clicking on column headings

You can filter them by typing strings to match in the boxes under the column headings

You can include/exclude categories of campaigns by checking/unchecking the checkboxes at the top and hitting Update View

You can take actions ([Mark Active/Inactive] [Tag campaigns] with the green buttons by checking the checkboxes next to campaigns first and then hitting the button)

You can click on the Campaign's name to go through to see the campaign stages for that Campaign

the button under Submission history gets you recent submissions for this Campaign

The Launch button will launch a Submission of jobs for the first Campaign stage in the Campaign

The Dependencies button will show you a dependency graph for the Campaign's stages

The Gui Editor column button will bring up the whole-campaign editor

The "ini file" column button will bring up a text page .ini format file dump of the Campaign, which you can save from your browsers menu / "Save As".

The Tags column shows any tags previously added with the [Tag Campaigns] button.

The Rename and Delete campaign buttons do the obvious action. You cannot delete campaigns that have Submissions made, etc.