The plan is to build the system from the bottom up in several major releases.

  1. The initial release will support only batch-level tasks, and interfaces to SAM and FIFEmon, and will handle batch-level tasks currently being launched vi "cron" by the OPOS group -- keep-up processing/calibration/ etc. It will support the basic monitoring and post-mortem analysis screens for those tasks.
  2. A second major release will take on job submission, and handle campaign-level tasks which have already been approved and assigned to OPOS staff.
  3. The third major release will include the high-level task workflows involving approval, etc.

Of course, bugfix releases, etc. will occur in the interim.


The development system is being deployed on Fermicloud (currently As we become ready for the 1.0 release, we will stand up a GP cluster virtual machine for the production instance. A development database will likely be on fnalpgsdev.

All software will be operating under a "poms" account on that system, with .k5login entries
for developers, etc.

Software will be in the Git repository of this Redmine project.


Current status 2015-07-10

Current status 2015-06-28

POMS - Production Operations Management System
New VM created:
kx509 added: yum install krb5-fermi-getcert
ups/upd added: yum install upsupdbootstrap-fnal
added following users to products account: , , , ,
git added: upd install git v1_8_5_3 "-G -c"
cherrypy added: upd install cherrypy v3_2_4 "-G -c"
python already there: do setup python v2_7_6 for newer version
mako added: upd install mako v1_0_0 "-G -c"
sam_web_client added: upd install sam_web_client v1_9 "-G -c"
nose added: upd install nose v1_3_0 "-G -c"
postgres client added: upd install postgres_client v9_3_5_p2_7 "-G -c"
psycopg2 added: upd install psycopg2 v2_5_p2_7 "-G -c" //do not use this
sqlalchemy added: upd install sqlalchemy v1_0_4 "-G -c"
Jinja2 doesn't appear to have a upd so did [root@fermicloud045 ~]# easy_install Jinja2