• Requirements summary
    • Just categorized by Andrew
    • Ones appropriate to POMS (vs jobsub/glideinwms)
      • The WMS shall allow users to run arbitrary executables and workloads.
      • The WMS shall support the models of sending jobs to the data
      • The WMS will support the model of sending data to jobs
      • The system supports pre-staging data at sites.
      • The system shall have appropriate permissions and privileges implemented to authorize each operation and assign priority.
      • The WMS shall be able to interface with multiple Data Management Systems via modular API's. [DUNE requirement, not necessarily protoDUNE]
    • Andrew: Data to jobs model is a soft requirement, what we mean is we want to take advantage of distributed storage of data, and optimize transfers

Anna: Has spreadsheet where we went through these requirements and divvied them up as Jobsub/glidenwmms, SAM, POMS, etc. We need to incorporate these items into the POMS Gantt chart, etc.

Feedback from Alex/NOvA -- what it needs is a rollup and tracking of monitoring how close to completion is a given campaign tag or individual campaign layer. -- "We're 30% done"

...with resubmission info, what failed hard (Tom Junk)

Sam items:
  • integrated with EOS and Castor -- (Stu's project)
  • subscription data movement feature [not needed on six month scale]
  • popularity plot?

Possible important tidbits for POMS

  • Sites:
    • what sites
    • what storage goes with what site
    • (optional) associate sites with campaigns
    • pass through to submission layer.
    • (eventually) call out to SAM to prestage datasets to site storage
  • Memory/Disk/CPU requirements
    • pass through to submission layer.
    • support re-submission with increases in memory as a recovery type.

Milestones requested:

  • Early system on 3 month timescale
  • Late spring: early data movement/site aware

Anna will send around the spreadsheet she has for feedback.

Users Guide would help. (Andrew)