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Anna Mazzacane, 02/13/2018 05:35 AM

POMS Internals

Old Developers page

Release Notes

Technical Designs

Webservice Architecture

Testing Notes


Technical Meetings

We have moved our weekly technical meetings at 3:00PM. Agenda and room meeting info will be sent every week.
Meeting minutes are available here.

Database Schema

POMS Re-factorization

Useful links

SAMLite or SAM for User Datasets

The team mailing list is:

Deploying a POMS server instance for development

GitFlow Documentation

Proxy setup

Test Suite Work

On-Call Guide

Production Deployment

Deployment with virtualenv

Archiving Proposal

Analysis Use Proposal

Data Movement Proposal

Deprecated stuff

Nova style submitting yourself but telling poms



The current requirements document is in cd-docdb document 5562
this wiki also contains the outlined Requirements which we developed in preparation for the final document.


Team Meetings

Somewhat terse meetign minutes are available off of the MeetingMinutes page.

Div Status Page