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h1. POMS Internals

h2. Source Code

"Browse code with CodeDocify":

How POMS works: [[Big Picture]]

Old [[Developers]] page


h2. [[Data Dictionary Cheat Sheet]]

h2. [[Release Notes]]

h2. [[Technical Designs]]

h2. [[NewSubmissionsAPI]]

Also [[GUI Workflow Editor]]

h2. [[Campaign Stage Types Proposal]]

h2. [[Webservice Architecture]]

h2. [[Testing Notes]]

h2. [[NewExperimentSetup]]

h2. Technical Meetings

Agenda and room meeting info will be sent every week through Exchange.
Meeting minutes are available [[here]].

h2. [[Database Schema]]

h2. [[POMS Re-factorization]]

h2. Useful links

h3. [[SAMLite or SAM for User Datasets]]

The team mailing list is:

h2. [[Deploying]] a POMS server instance for development

h2. [[GitFlow]] Documentation

h2. [[Proxy setup]]

h2. [[Test Suite Work]]

h2. [[On-Call Guide]]

h2. [[Production Deployment]]

h2. [[New Version Deployment]]

h2. [[Deployment with virtualenv]]

h2. [[Archiving Proposal]]

h2. [[Analysis Use Proposal]]

h2. [[Data Movement Proposal]]

h2. Deprecated stuff

h3. Nova style submitting yourself but telling poms

* [[UsingPomsClient]] to have POMS track your jobs.
* [[UsingPomsJobsubWrapper]] to have POMS track your jobs.

h1. OLD

h2. Requirements

The current requirements document is in "cd-docdb document 5562":
this wiki also contains the outlined [[Requirements]] which we developed in preparation for the final document.

h2. [[RolloutPlan]]

h2. Team Meetings

Somewhat terse meetign minutes are available off of the [[MeetingMinutes]] page.

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