OPOS Meeting 2016-01-08

Lots of discusison, presentation of docs (attached).

Distilled to following

[ ] *** Need glossary: Help links on headings.  
Campaigns/ file spreadsheet columns, etc.  
where does the data come from/how it is computed.
Link to wiki where defined/discussed.
[ ] calendar needs help link 
[ ] calendar needs color key
[ ] scheduled and active downtime display?
[ ] *** Needs help link (to wiki) on every page.
[ ] timezone shift fix in job status
[ ]  DB   Campaigns: add active flag, dataset, sw version /tag; Jobs: add reason_held
[ ] Active Campaign page:
   List campaigns, totals, links for:
       campaign details
       recent activity sheet
       task bars
[] Task bars, jobs need (lead-)jobsubjobid, not internal task/job number

[ ] Submission wrapper should print task link to poms

[ ] Bug -- don't add/show empty task bars.

[ ] /poms/ path config-file based
[ ] choose time window interface on all pages with times
[ ] key for task/job bar colors
[ ] Job info: put completed in separate columns with since when info
              include day/ week (help should say week bounds)
              put idle/running/held under "active" 
[ ] totals for campaigns, etc. should be links to job info table query
[ ] job table page -- make clear which are job/task/campaign fields(?)
[ ] can we make "failed" column in spreadsheet clickable? Have to
     convert consumer-id -> jobsub_jobid -> process-id or put
     consumer_id into job(?)

Marc will make issues for these.