Note: this page is under development; it is an attempt to use terminology that experimenters will find more natural and tie it to the data tables, etc in POMS.

Campaign: A particular computing effort that an experiment wants to perform. (Represented by "Tags" in the current implementation)

JobType: A kind of job that can be submitted, (i.e a Reconstruction job or a Simulation job) often correlated with a particular base .fcl or .opt file specifying a configuration of the experiments framework executable for a particular kind of work. (Represented by "CampaignDefinitions" in the current impelmentation)

Campaign Layer: A part of a campaign that applies a given JobType to a given (data)set of files. (Represented by "Campaigns" in the current implementation")

Submission: a particular invocation of the batch system, to complete part of a Campaign Layer. (Represented by "Tasks" in the current implementation.)

Project: An entity within SAM which arranges for delivery files to jobs/consumers in a given Submission.

Job: A single instance of a JobType running on a node. Usually acts as a Consumer to the Project for the Submission.

Consumer: (SAM) A Job or other process that takes files from a Project, which may be associated with a Submission.

Dataset: A group of files; often specified via a SAM dataset definition/query. POMS deals with datasets defining the work for a whole Campaign Layer, and the subset-datasets given as input to each Submission.

Pending: A status for an input file, which means it is in the input dataset for a Submission, but does not yet have all of its output files defined and available for delivery via SAM. Some early documentation refers to Jobs and Submissions as Pending when any of their input files are in this state.