May 30th


Anna M, Brian Y., Brandon W., Felipe A., Marc M., Margherita V.W, Steve W., Vladimir P.

  1. POMS v2_1_1 Status (All)
  2. AOB


1. POMS v2_1_1 Status:

v2_1_1 has been released this morning.

about versioning: right now we have a v2.1.2 scheduled as having both new features and bug fixes.
We wll have a v2.2.0, temptative for end of June with the following:
- job submenus (Steve)
- POMS welcome page (Vladimir)
We will keep 2.1.2 in the list for bugs in the current rel.
V3.0.0 could be delayed. Not clear when SAM will be able to deliver what it is needed for data handling.
Another topic is archiving. Need to decide a strategy. Most of old data is from Nova (data from first job was Nov 2015 !)

The idea would be to possibly archive data older than 2 weeks. Are logs still there after that?

We need to check also with experiments. Other systems like jobsub and Condor keep at most 2 weeks owrth of log files.

Let's have then a meeting , Anna, Steve and Marc to decide strategy and then another meeting with experiments to present the plan.
Another topic is about efficiency: need to decide what to show if not enough information is available. My suggestion is to put the number only when all info are available.

Question: do we provide release notes when making a new production release?

Yes we do: Felipe updated notes in POMS wiki.
We also use poms announcement mailing list.

I'm working on POMS client: found a couple of bugs to fix; other item to work on is security. marc and Steve will help with the security code. Will work with Marc and Steve.

Security is very important, there is clear demand from upper management to have that in place.

Port 8080 is still open, need to use proxy access like for SAMs client.

Plan to make poms client rel in a week..

We also need to check on configuration items.

We could make a separate set of parameters other than the cherrypy env params.
This will imply rework in the function calls , tedious work but feasible.

Action Items:

  1. Anna, Steve and Marc will meet to decide on archiving strategy.
  1. Meeting with experiments to present archiving plan.
  1. POMS mailing list: check that at least 2 people per experiment are on the list.
  1. POMS mailing list:cleanup.