March 7th


Anna M., joe B., Vladimir P., Steve W., Margherita V.W., Marc M., D., Felipe A.

  1. Reviewboard test instance for POMS (Vladimir)
  2. POMS testing and integration (Marc)
  3. AOB


1. Review Board:

This is a service that our group (Scientific Database App) would support. It would be available on cdcvs like Redmine.
POMS would be a "user" just as it is a "user" for Redmine.
Just in testing mode for now, need to be approved by upper management.

Showed the dasboard.
It is installed as a test version for POMS at
Need to have RB Tools installed on the client side (use pip install).
The idea is that when a developer has finished developing, before pushing in git, s/he makes the code available for review.
You can configure who should be a reviewer and with the command
"rbt post" the reviewer will receive an email with a link to the reviewboard site where s/he can view changes , add comments etc.
When review is finished, click on "ship it" and this will generate email to the developer.
It was used about 10 years ago in a DCache project which was in joint development with DESY so this tool was very useful to communicate and review code.
Marc mentioned that Redmine has something similar,Code Review, the main difference is that you have to push the changes first to the remote repository.
Maybe it could be useful to compare the two tools.

2. Testing Suite Update:

We would like to fill the testing suite with the tests that have been assigned.
The idea is also that as we test poms code and find a bug, we should provide a test for it.
Felipe, Vladimir and Margherita will finish their tests by next release.

Who will do the integration test when we are ready to gather all the test after changes?
Marc so far has been the only one, maybe Joe could help.
Plan is to release a new version 2.1.0 with the full test suite on march 28th.

We will incorporate in 2.1.0 also the changes to make sure that json data types as defined in the DB will be stored as such and not as strings as it is now.

We also have poms client, plan to release April 4th.
Felipe needs to update his tasks.

3. AOB

Question about adding security to the pages: anything can call POMS API.
Marc probably did something on this.
Got version of CherryPy to delete old sessions, done at configuration level.
Will be in next release.

About setting up probes for POMS (see plots on FIFEMON dashboard):
Steve and Marc should decide what to monitor and set alarms for.
Alarms can be notified with email sent to poms-team mailing list.
Alarms will be setup for production only.

We need to setup shifters rotations. Steve mentioned that maybe we can have same people that monitor SAM to monitor POMS.
Will meet with the experiments to help with their workflow and make sure that POMS provides what they need for their jobs submission.
G-2: they need some help with managing the proxy so that they don't run into problems again.
Joe will check if their request of managed proxy has been done.
MicroBoone: Will meet with them to test the workflow Marc prepared to satisfy their needs.
ProtoDune: They are interested in POMS and CI.
Will help to get started with their MC simulation.