March 20th


Anna M, Brian, Marc M, Robert I, Vladimir P, Yuyi G, Margherita VW.

  • Review Opened tickets.
  • Review tasks for next version 3.1.0


1) Review Opened tickets. Some were already reviewed in previous meeting..


INC000000932878:  opened by Francesco, Icarus.  Problem was not being able to kill a 

MARC: there were 2 problems, one was permissions; the other was the way the button region
was not active, only the text was, so depending on where you clicked the button it worked
or not. This has been fixed in latest release. I'll close the ticket.


INC000000933170: opened by Dominic, SBDN. About jobs reporting as located when they
fail. Suggestion was made to change the addoutput parameter. Pending on user re-trying.
Needs more work to get the statistics correct.
INC000000932347: opened by Dominic, SBDN. Problem was because missing the –s in
Configuration. This was resolved, close it.
INC000000932880:  opened by Francesco, Icarus. It was the typo, this has been fixed in
current release.
INC000000932835:  opened by Francesco, Icarus.  Problem again was because missing the –s 
in configuration. This was resolved, close it.
INC000000933918: opened by Matthew Bass, Microboone: problem was with cron job. This
Has been fixed.
RITM0657457:  opened by Francesco, Icarus.  Anna has been working on it.
RITM0664322:  opened by Ken Herner , for DUNE. About passing some options to ifdh.
This should be in fife_utils. Marc will transfer the task in fife_utils look into this.
RITM0664618: opened by Dominic, SBDN.  Request for a button to delete jobs from a 
campaign list. Marc will open a task and follow up.
RITM0665661: opened by Francesco, Icarus.  About ordering results in campaign stages.
The idea would be add a filter and/or sorter. We will add this as a feature in Redmine.
RITM0668084: opened by Marco, Microboone.  About adding him as an analyser.
We don’t support anaylis users yet. Priority is on-board experiments' production.
RITM0668185: opened by Pengfei, DUNE. About a summary page. Marc will open a task and look into this

2) About next release, 3.1.0

Split tasks based on priorities.

Task 16667: about documentation: this is highly required as new experiments are joining.
Update online documentation, make sure there is a link to redmine where the ‘?’ is

MARC: we need to check if the page is available and pointing to the correct anchor.

ANNA: also the idea was as you go over , to have a brief description. I will open a request for fife_utils.

Task 18870:  About integration .

MARC: almost finished, need to complete some apache config.


Task 19187: Tutorial for experimenter. Anna working on it.
Task 19276:  give Landscape campaign information: we gave campaign id but not the name.

ROBERT: this is something Tanya was complaining about..

MARC: we need POMS client to go live first.

ANNA: so we need to ask experiements to test, mainly Nova and Microboone.
Task 19324: add complete job index. Need to be done in database , maybe Vladimir can
work on this..

Bug 19945:  SAM link not working. Not POMS problem.
Opened ticket for Data management.
Feature 19032: about certificate owner for POMS.  Marc is the owner. How do we handle if
Certificate expires and Marc is not around..

ROBERT: typically we rfresh tickets.. if the person “expire” than we have a problem but this is
not likely.. need to renew ticket “impersonating” Marc..

ANNA: group of task , 19027,19183 .. need to check with Steve on parent task.

Feature 19199: about ‘Test’ button: idea to have a test to use 1 job to test campaign before 
Starting it with many more jobs. Idea is to have a temporary directory where to put the
output file from the test job.
Task 19256: about shell config script .This is probably done..? It was done for DUNE and
Nova. Can we have these for other experiments, so we could get rid of one layer when
config the campaign.. have an alias for the host?

MARC: we still want to be able to config the host from POMS.


Feature 19418: about adding an outage calendar link.

We could add FIFEMON calendar outage, accurate.


Feature 17852, low priority.. SNOW calendar
Feature 18846: low priority, open  campaign stats in new tab..
Feature 19434: low priority when we compose stages, have ability to specify EXP software version
and pass it down

MARC: this is already done.

ROBERT: we had a production release last Thursday but we had issues right away..
How to prevent this? Do we have a testing procedure?

The update went smooth but found few bugs we didn’t see first..

ANNA: what happened was weired, after one day something happened..

MARC: there were bugs that came , redirects were not working but then got better,, this is still
a mistery.

ANNA: Yuyi did a good job, she tested and found few bugs which were fixed before

ROBERT: this is something form Margaret, about SLAC channel for POMS. There was one
already, Is team interested in using it?

ANNA: it could be useful to exchange quick info/ suggestions. Important to have POMS
channel, not generic SLAC channels.

ROBERT : to ask Marc, we can use @marc, so in this way it will also send email.

ROBERT: if we will have integration ready, will we have an integration test procedure?
It would be good before putting in production.

ANNA: I will be on vacation from Wed 28 till April 10.

Action Items:

  • Updates the tickets (close them if work done)
  • Updates tasks un redmine
  • have integration ready before next release