June 20th


Anna M, Brandon W., Marc M., Margherita V.W, Steve W., Vladimir P., Robert I.

  1. POMS v2_2_0 Status (All)
  2. AOB


1. POMS v2_2_0 Status:

We don't have a date set, possibly end of June?

Adding links to Kibana. Got link form Anna in devel.
Joe is putting together more plots in FIFEMon that we could link to.
Need to have stats for campaign page.

Interface to ECL: done.

Anna: Protodune and G-2 are very happy to have the link and have been using it.

About authentication: we have talked about possibly moving to Shiboleth for ECL.
In this case the user would not need to login again when going to the ECL from POMS.

Dune has been using POMS and also DUNE collaborators at CERN are using it.
Another request: adding interface to SNOW inside POMS so people can open tickets without going to the SNOW page.
Need to have a follow up with Eileen who is setting up a "DUNE Portal" for requests for production.
For all the other experiments we need to interface to SNOW. The link should be configurable and stored in the db.
Brief conversation with Ken Herner: he can run jobs at CERN but need to be able to copy files back and forth with FNAL.

Tomorrow there is teh FIFE workshop and we will have presentations
The rest of the meeting was occupied by the POMS "reharsal" for Anna's and Marc's slides.

Have a preliminary slide to point out how POMS is important and why we need POMS: helps production groups to submit prod jobs.
We would like to submit experiment jobs using their scripts and configuration.
Found one submission in MCC9 production that files were stored in scratch DCache and they were cleanup by the time were needed.
Using CI we would have found that problem.

Action Items:

  1. Add few more things to the talks.