Anna M., joe B., Vladimir P., Steve W., Margherita V.W., Marc M., D., Felipe A.

  1. Tasks update (all)
  2. AOB


1. Tasks update

Features #15040, #14377, #14248
  • Great progress on one, need to do more work on the others.
  • Anna: make sure status and % are updated for the tasks.
  • Anna asked to add link to FIFEMOM, check the task in redmine.

Feature #15007
Bug, error on SAM request.
Big Discussion on how to handle this: need to decide on communication between POMS and SAM systems.
Anna had a question if there is a way on SAM side to send POMS an error code that can be used by POMS to stop POMS queries.
Marc is suggesting that we maintain a list of "bad queries" with an error code associated to. Need to discuss with SAM team. The problem though is that it would be hard to automate recognition of problem. Still need manual intervention
because most of the time we don't know what caused it.
As far as the problem is caused by a huge dataset, Marc has already in place the ability
to split in smaller chunks . The initial problem in this case was not related
to a big dataset but to the fact that there was a bug in POMS code so jobs kept ?????
trying to re-register after timing out. Right now the code makes 5 retries: maybe,
as Vladimir suggesting, we could blacklisted if we get 3 failed tries.
As Anna commented, if we create the "black list" we need then to have a plan on how remove it after the issue is gone.

Anna: I can summarize 3 situations:

  • Large dataset at the beginning of the submission: POMS knows how to split.
  • Start with a small dataset but then users add bigger datasets..
  • There was a bug in job submission.

Once we have the "black list" we need to display on the interface so people know that there is a problem.
Still need manual maintenance of the list.

Features #15163, #15160
Need to coordinate documentation: Anna, Marc and Felipe are writing wiki pages and need to merge them in a consistent manner to make it clear for users. We should have a general link to the documentation in the main page.

Other tasks have been reorganized under POMS client v2_0_0 : #15285, #15284, #15174, #15173. Work in progress. #15174 is almost completed.

Feature #14270: resolved.
Feature #15058: work in progress. subtasks #15144 and #15208.
Preparing a framework with at least 2 tests for each module so that people can be assigned to test with pytest. We looked the code.
Marc is mainly done so there is no need to include Felipe (as proposed by Anna).
Strategy for testing: Steve asked whether we need a fresh test databasecand if each developer/tester should have his/her own. Steve and Vladimircwill work on this plan.

Tasks #14273, #15044, #15202. No work done due to other project with this week deadline.
Starting next week. Most important is #15044.