Anna M., Vladimir P., Steve W., Margherita V.W., Marc M., Vito D., Felipe A.


  1. v2_0_0 release update (All)
  2. Documentation (Felipe)
  3. AOB


1. v2_0_0 release update

Reviewing tasks for Marc,Steve,Vladimir,Margherita and Felipe. Joe is on vacation.


Feature #14270 Completed

Feature #14273 Reassigned to Margherita

Feature #14274 Work in progress.
  • Web services configuration and pseudo-authentication using certificates.
  • Authentication for clients is done though ssl port 8443, no Shiboleth involved.
  • Need to make sure security policies are followed and need to provide some documentation on authentication for developer's own environment. (Felipe is working on the documentation and should include also this Task # 15163)
Feature #15058 Work in progress.
  • Decided to use pytest.
  • Marc will assign each of us a task to use to learn pytest.
  • Marc will also provide a brief description on how to initialize git flow. (Felipe will include into the documentation Task #15163)


Feature #15044 Will start soon.


  • Feature #15157
  • This is related to a bug reported by LARIAT. (INC000000806875 and RITM0504868)


Feature #15007: Not started yet.
  • Will look into this.

2. Documentation


Task #15163 Work in progress.
Consult with Vladimir and Margherita.
Provide documentation on steps needed to deploy a POM instance. Cleanup Michael Geith's existing notes.

3. AOB

Anna: There was an open discussion on how users can start jobs without using POMS web interface.
Have a general script? Marc suggested it should be listed in the poms client side .. we should have a POMS client release with these features.
Update of the usage from experiments, like LARIAT..
Lariat has special cases from their DAQ , they need the numbering of the events offline.
MicroBoone: We started providing some campaigns for them. We are now in the position to continue the on-boarding of their workflows thanks Marc’s work on dependencies in campaigns. Marc will test using their campaigns work flow.