How to open a SNOW request for POMS

In order to open a request, users may go to the SNOW ticket portal.

Step 1.

At the web portal, you need to authenticate providing your service credential.

Step 2.

Then in the left menu, the option Scientific Computing Services may be selected.

Step 3.

After, you should scroll in the right menu until you find Scientific Production Service and you may select POMS.

Step 4.

Then, the portal will present a description of the service, at the right, you may find the Get Help menu. In this box, users may choose the option Submit a request to service providers

Step 5.

Finally, you may fill the form. Please, try to describe in detail your request.

Requester's Name: Your name will be here.
What service is the request related to?: This value should be "POMS".
Virtual Organization: Name of the experiment making the request. If not available the closer description possible to it.
Specify urgency of your request: Urgency level of your request.
Enter a short description of your request: Short description of your request
Please enter the details of your request here: Detailed description of your request.