How to deploy your POMS instance

You need a machine, let's say you want to create one in fermicloud.

1) Start your Virtual Machine, the suggestion is to use a "CLI_DynamicIP_SLF6_HOME". If you do not know how to do it you can follow the instructions at Quick Tutorial

2) Login into the Machine and fetch the POMS repository. You may create a new folder and use git to clone the repository:

Is it documented which branch is used in production and what is typcially installed on poms-dev etc?

git clone ssh:///cvs/projects/prod_mgmt_db

3) Then you should open the prod_mgmt_db/webservice/poms.ini and do the following changes:

*use your user name instead of ${USER}

log.rot_error_file = "/cloud/login/${USER}/private/logs/poms/error_log"
log.rot_access_file = "/cloud/login/${USER}/private/logs/poms/access_log"
log.pidfile = "/cloud/login/${USER}/private/logs/poms/"

The other paths with /home/poms don't matter like ftsscandir, cron_launches_logs_dir, because this is not to develop that functionality? Top level should just be a variable right?

4) You should start the service following the steps describe below:

Below tar command is bad. It fills your cloud home directory with crap.

tar xzf ups_bootstrap_unified_v5_0_4_Linux64bit+2.tar.gz
. `pwd`/

You should be located at the folder .../prod_mgmt_db/webservice

[root@fermicloud019 prod_mgmt_db]# setup -. poms

Above step doesn't work. Nothing (including poms) has been loaded into this production area.

If you get an error like the one describe below, then you should upgrade the dependencies. Follow steps 5.1 and 5.2 if needed it.

ERROR: Found no match for product 'python_repose'

For update the dependencies you do something like:

4.1 [root@fermicloud019 prod_mgmt_db]# upd install -G -c python_repose

4.2 [root@fermicloud019 prod_mgmt_db]# setup -. poms

5) You need to create the following file (ask the content to POMS team) at ..../prod_mgmt_db/webservice:

[root@fermicloud019 webservice]# vim ./passwd.ini

6) In order to start the service you execute:


7) Made changes to front end Apache Server to be a reverse proxy to your fermicloud instance. Then, you can access to your own instance at the URL${USER}