February 6th


02/07/2018 The meeting has been moved to February 7th.


Anna M, Steve W, Margaret V, Marc M, Robert I, Brandon W, Vladimir P, Yuyi G, Margherita VW.


- Plans for SBND and ICARUS.

- Integration DB - plans to have an "integration instance for a release candidate that experimenters (and developers) can test" .



1) Plans for SBND and ICARUS

Show latest version of POMS to experiment.
Make sure latest release works with as back compatibility (ProtoDUNE/DUNE ran using
Marc also started writing a general config file so that it can be used by the production teams as a template and a guide for best practices.

what is it?

File to dump the whole workflow and definitions so experiment can use it and edit for their needs. Draft to dump all tags campaign.No upload piece yet.

It is to guide the experiment on what they need to provide. Most of the time at the beginning they don’t know all pieces they need to build a workflow..
From POMS side we need the config file to upload info in the database so then we can see them in the interface.
There is a piece I don’t know yet how it can works: all info are provided using the in the web browser, how does the config file translate to the interface?

If I go to Redmine, I don’t see the focus on all this. Need to have the clump of issues for new release.

Will put in redmine

2) Integration DB - plans to have an "integration instance for a release candidate that experimenters (and developers) can test" .

Need dedicated meeting with Steve and Marc to discuss the implementation

Action items

  • Things for the on-boarding meeting with SBND and ICARUS
    • Integration database - Need a copy for the meeting - Need use cases for copy from production.
    • Test workflow that is using fife_launch. Marc and Anna
    • Dependency of products and poms client? – goes away with fife launch.
    • Steve will think about documentation – Marc will send link.
  • Primary goals of next release – mid March
    • Workflow as config file
    • Cleanup of history records
    • Make integration available to end users for testing
    • Marc owns certs from POMS. Check with Mine to see if this can avoided.
  • Next release ASAP after that (although people can be working on it parallel. Perhaps on a different branch)
    • Campaign management
    • Cloning workflow
  • Coordinator and analysis role further development can wait for six months.
  • Requirements for archiving:
    • Set up dedicated meeting with Steve and Marc
    • Set up a meeting with stakeholders to collect needs.