Common Base Environment

To have the software we would like to support of toolset, rather than re-bundle Python and other packages as UPS products, we will take advantage of the Software Collections configurations in Scientific Linux.


The setup is straigthfoward, assuming you have root permission to run yum; if not you can ask that the sysadmin for your system install the packages, below.

yum install

yum install python27 rh-python36
yum install devtoolset-6-gcc-c++ devtoolset-6-gcc-gdb-plugin
yum install rh-postgresql96-postgresql-devel rh-postgresql96

Now we have a more recent python, postgres clients, and gcc tools we can setup in /opt, using the "scl enable" utility:

scl enable python27 bash

will start up a bash shell with the python27 stuff setup. We'll see later how to merge the setup info
from an "scl enable" with a virtualenv setup, so we can have just one setup mechanism rather than two.