Column definitions will be here...


Shows day of the week of the data in the row.


Shows the date of data summarized in the row. The data is a summary of that day, in UCT (Universal Coordinated aka Greenwich Mean Time).

requested files

Files requested by SAM projects associated with that campaign in that time period.

delivered files

Files delivered by SAM projects in that time period. If a SAM project was not used, then the number of input files copied in according to ifdh logging is given. This will be indicated by the requestef files being zero, but the delivered files being non-zero.


Total jobs associated with that campaign completed in that time window, or still running, in the case of the first row of the table.


Number of SAM consumers which listed themselves as failed. Once again, if no SAM project is used for this campaign, this will be zero. This currently does not generate job table link, as we don't currently have sam consumers reliably tied to jobs.


Output files generated by the jobs, as gleaned from the ifdh logging information.


Jobs which have output files which do not have SAM locations defined. Note this is the number of jobs, not the number of files.


There are columns labled exit(n) for each user executable exit code returned recently. The count of jobs exiting with that exit code on that day is given; and clicking on it will take you to a job table showing those jobs with that exit code on that day. Small exit code values (i.e less than 100) are generally defined by the application running in the job.

exit signal

There are columns labled exit(n) for each user executable exit code returned recently. In particular jobs that exited due to a Linux "signal", will have an exit code of 128+signal-number. The count of jobs exiting on that signal is given here. Exit codes and signals often seen here are:

exit signal description
130 2 SIGINT Interrupt signal
132 4 SIGILL Illegal instruction
134 6 SIGABRT Abort call (usually an assert() call in the program)
135 7 SIGBUS Bus error -- usually bad pointers, etc.
135 8 SIGFPE FLoating point exception -- divided by zero, etc.